I've written a book about my amazing spiritual adventure through that challenging time and how I've come to know what faith, courage and trust are all about, along with how immobilizing fear can be. My book also contains some amazing art I created while waiting for doctor's appointments (and for treatment), sometimes wondering whether I'd live or die. Crazy as it sounds, these simple "doodles" helped teach me about the power of surrendering to the present moment. I also do speaking and have workshops, inspiring others to look at, and experience the unexpected in life with a greater perspective. I came, I struggled, I conquered."

- Carol Edmonston



is an inspirational speaker, transformational artist and human potential advocate. She shares valuable insights on the health and financial benefits of living a joy-filled and stress free life.  She has a deep interest in spirituality, especially in the arena of medicine as it applies to health and wellness.

As a two-time breast cancer survivor, Carol speaks on ways to transcend chaos, confusion and life’s challenges.  She is committed to impacting quality of life by weaving a creative connection between mind, body and spirit, integrating ancient wisdom and art. (Click here for testimonials)

She has developed a unique program for the City of Hope National Cancer Center in Los Angeles called Create While You Wait™which offers patients and family members a creative outlet while waiting for treatment and/or doctor appointments. (Featured in the New York Times) This program is also being used at Christie Cancer Center in Manchester, UK.

Carol shares her message with children as well as adults.  She has authored two books -  Connections…the Sacred Journey Between Two Points and Create While You Wait…a Doodle Book for All Ages

In her experiential workshops for children and teachers she also strives to keep the legacy of her uncle, Syd Hoff, alive - acclaimed cartoonist and children’s author of hundreds of books, including Danny and the Dinosaur and Sammy the Seal.

Carol was born and raised in Los Angeles and graduated from the University of Southern California with a BS degree in Physical Therapy. She worked at Orthopedic Hospital in Los Angeles where she met her husband, a now retired orthopedic surgeon.  They have one married son. 

Carol also spent many years involved in philanthropic organizations before becoming the Orange County CA coordinator for the National “Just Say No” Club program, a drug prevention program for young children supported by Former First Lady Nancy Reagan. Her service in this arena came about as a result of a drunk driving tragedy in which an acquaintance and her 3 children lost their lives.

After ten years in this position, Carol decided it was time to move on, yet  unsure as to what was to follow.  It was then she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which marked the beginning of another new adventure and one that has proven to have forever transformed her life.  Her passion, and life’s work, is about inspiring others to explore, experience and embrace the life they have been given.


Annual Tea for Triumph…A Celebration of Health, Knowledge and Womanhood

As the featured guest speaker, Carol commemorated National Breast Cancer Awareness month by telling her inspirational story that touched everyone's heart and sparked hope for those who had their own struggle with breast cancer. The event was presented by the Patricia L. Scheifly Breast Health Center at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, Whittier, CA


Susan G Komen Luncheon

Carol and other Orange County, CA contributors to the Chicken Soup for Breast Cancer Survivor’s Soul were all nominated for Survivor of the Year 2007.



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