“Art washes away from the world the dust of everyday life” - Picasso

Carol Edmonston was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995. She recounts that one day after receiving the news of her illness, and as her mind raced between hope and horror, she nervously began to doodle. Soon she was drawn into the designs she was producing. The more she doodled the more entranced she became. Her mind began to disengage from future fears.

For the first time in years she was totally immersed in the here and now, transfixed in a timeless present, captured in a quieter inner calm. And, in the stillness of her own intense concentration, as she created more and more intricate doodles, Carol slowly began to realize that the doodles she was designing were also re-designing her.

------"Willie and Ethel" by Joel Martin 2002



Doodle Instructions

1. On a clean piece of paper, create your own doodle by beginning and ending the outline at the same point, with one single movement of the pen.

Do not lift the pen off the paper while making the outline.

Do this in 5-7 seconds (short enough that you don’t think about “what” you are creating).


2. After you create the outline, begin to fill in your "doodle" however you like. Remember, it's not about "what" you create - it's about "how" you create.



3. Continue to fill it in however you wish - add hearts, circles, lines or anything else that comes to mind. Trust the process and the process will support you.

Watch any thoughts that might come to the surface as you create.


Remember… have fun and don’t worry about “what” you create- just have fun and enjoy the “process” of creating.

Ask yourself...

     Is my mind wandering or am I content and trusting of the process?

     Am I able to stay focused in the moment or do I find myself drifting from past to future where stress, anxiety, fear and other limited emotions reside?

     Am I living my life from the perspective of the “Now” moment or am I spending too much time in the past or unknown future?

May your creative journey be filled with a sense of awe and wonderment and may you carry that same enthusiasm into your daily life, whatever comes before you.



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