Sample Questions for Interviews:

1.  You’re a two-time breast cancer survivor and a part-time doodler. The one is as serious as life can get, and the other sounds totally frivolous. What’s the connection between the two?

2.  In the past few years millions of us experienced terror for the first time.  You found your way past a paralyzing terror.  What can we all learn form that?

3.  Most of us doodle—at meetings, on the phone and it’s no big deal.  But you think differently about doodling.  What do you call what you do?

4. Your book is full of doodle art. But what if we’re not artistically gifted?  Can we still do this?

5. Can we still reap the rewards of doodling in our everyday lives even if we don’t have a trauma or life threatening illness?

6.You’re married to an orthopedic surgeon and he couldn’t quite believe it when you told him that doodling was helping you get through breast cancer. But now this very conservation doctor isn’t laughing as it anymore.  What happened?

7. You’ve been practicing meditation since 1988. Is doodling a form of meditation too?

8. Many of us get caught up in what you call the “what ifs…” “What if my husband loses his job?  What if I get cancer?  What can you tell us about those “what if’s”, and how does that impact our lives?

9. During the time that you discovered doodling, you were cured not only of breast cancer, but of something else as well.  Tell us about it.

10. You’ve said that “gifts come to us in unexpected places.” What is the greatest gift you received from cancer?


©Carol Edmonston 2004
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