Doodling. The ultimate meaningless, frivolous activity, right?  Not really.  Doodling may have saved Carol Edmonston’s life, or at least her sanity while the radiation therapy saved her life.

You see, Carol had breast cancer. In fact, she had it twice—and she was scared most of the time, terrified a lot of the time.  She lived in the world of “what if?”  “What if I get cancer again?”  “What if the radiation doesn’t work?”  “What if I die?” 

The world today is quickly changing and millions of us now know the feeling of being “scared or terrified a lot of the time.”  And unfortunately, we now live in the world of “what if?” Maybe we should be scared.  But that doesn’t mean we should be paralyzed by fear. 

We have a choice.  And when Carol Edmonston found herself sitting in yet another doctor’s waiting room, with her mind racing, she realized that the choice was hers:  to succumb to her fear-driven thoughts, or to transcend them.  She chose transcendence and when it came, it came in the form of a doodle.

She took out a pen and a piece of paper and began “doodling.”  With her focus completely on the design unfolding, Carol began to lose herself and relax for the first time in months.  Soon she was doodling in every waiting room she found herself in, from doctors offices to hair appointments, and in every airport boarding area she sat in.  And she realized that by focusing on the present, by following the turns in the design, and by giving up control over the outcome, her “what if…” worries faded and were replaced by a feeling of calm. The doodles she was designing were actually redesigning her.

Listeners can take Carol’s words to heart by taking pen to hand.  And from there they will find their own way to a less stressful and more healthy life.  She has created a unique program for the City of Hope National Cancer Center called  Create While You Wait”™which gives patients something to do while nervously waiting for treatment and/or doctor appointments. She has also written two books,  “CONNECTIONS…The Sacred Journey Between Two Points” and “Create While You Wait…a Doodle Book for All Ages”, which is just plain fun.  As a speaker or guest, Carol is as inspiring as the message she speaks, because in the midst of a great challenge Carol Edmonston found peace of mind.

Peace of mind.  A comforting thought in discomforting times.

Doodle.  A funny word in an unfunny world.


©Carol Edmonston 2004
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