Carol's message is both honest and inspirational.  Simply put, she reminds us that life is precious, and that we should try to honor and value it by the way we live our lives every day.  Many thanks, my friend, for sharing your story, and example, with those of us who sometimes placed too high a priority on achievements in the workplace.

Ambassador George M. Staples
Diplomatic Advisor to The Supreme Allied Commander Europe NATO
United Nations

Carol’s workshop was a highlight event for staff, patients and their care givers. Her excellent description of the therapeutic practice of doodling illustrated by her own journey through cancer treatment twice very much resonated with the audience. What is particularly important about Carol’s workshop facilitation is how she involves and encourages her audience with the various doodling exercises. I recommend Carol’s workshop to other cancer centers, along with her books

Peter A. Mackereth, PhD
Clincial Lead & Lecturer in Complementary Therapies
Christie Hospital & Salford University

This highly original contribution can help you touch your inner resources leading to health and well being. I cannot imagine anyone who would not benefit

Larry Dossey M.D.
Author: Healing Beyond The Body, Reinventing Medicine and Healing Words

Cancer is profound and doodling seems trivial. I never thought I'd connect the two in my mind.  Then I met Carol Edmonston. Her story of healing twice from breast cancer is as inspiring as any I've heard.  She is a radiant spirit who has written a radiant book. She can get us to the healer -- and the artist -- in all of us

Joel Roberts
Former co-host KABC Radio, Los Angeles

I first met Carol in the radiation department at the City of Hope National Cancer Hospital. I noticed her because she was continuously engrossed with pen and paper. Being curious, I finally asked what she was drawing, she replied, “this is not drawing- this is doodling!”  I was so impressed with her work I asked if she would allow me to host a workshop. I found it to be an excellent way to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as just plain fun.  Everyone came out of that workshop feeling like they had truly learned something.  This all evolved from one woman’s fight again cancer

Rochelle Dumlao

Carol leads us on an amazing journey into her inner Self through art. Following her example, one can enter the mysteries of the creative inner Self of all

Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D, A.T.R Art Therapist and Author, The Creative Journal

I want to tell you how much your book's activities were appreciated by the children and youth and helped provide a sense of tranquility as well as fun.  I shared your doodling methodology while visiting refugee camps in Albania last month and found it especially helpful in situations of stress and anxiety

Richard Hoff,  Western Regional Director, Save The Children

Your talk was very educational and gave us a better look at stress and how to solve the problem, both in our professional and personal lives

Dee Kirtley, ABWA (American Business Women’s Association)

As a person with ADHD I sometimes find it hard to sit still for seconds, let alone minutes.  By learning how to doodle with “Create While You Wait” I found I was able to concentrate solely on the act of creation and really begin into relax

Roberta Gale ,  Radio Personality and Media Coach

I have read your book repeatedly and found it heart warming, heart breaking and so full of vibrancy, courage and creativity

Liz Foster, Macmillan Clinical Nurse, Lincolnshire,  UK

Like an alchemist, Carol has been able to transform anxious hours in a doctor’s waiting room into creative gold by doodling.  This is a valuable tool to ease anxiety and help people through stressful times and achieve a state of calmness and peace

Lucille Leong M.D. City of Hope National Cancer Center, Los Angeles, CA
Associate Director Clinical Affairs, Dept of Medical Oncology/Therapeutic Research

Carol - I admire your courage, your centeredness and your lovely presentation manner. I wish you continued good health and every success!  I received feedback from listeners that they were fascinated to learn about the benefits of doodling!

Bonnie D. Graham, Long Island’s Dating
WGBB Radio – 1240 AM

Your insights and creative journey are an inspiration. Creativity certainly serves as humanity’s sanity. Thanks for sharing your story with my class

Dru Cottrell, Professor, Art and Child Development CSUF
(CA State University Fullerton)

Your book and doodles are fabulous! Your art is inspired

Barbara Dossey, RN, PhD, HNC, FAAN

Carol’s presentation was wonderful! “Doodle Art” is perfect for school-age children because every single child can be successful.  Artistic failure is non-existent.  The 2nd graders were so intent on the process, they didn’t even realize they were developing artistic skills.  Every “doodle” was unique and special. Doodle art should be part of the art curriculum for all grad levels.  Everyone can create a “masterpiece.”

Gale Kurosaki, Teacher

I liked your art lesson

Rachael, 3rd grade

Great art lesson

Ashley, 3rd grade

Carol, aka The Doodle Lady, has visited my third grade classroom on numerous occasions over the past four years to share her innovative art program.  Her lessons celebrate each child’s unique creativity and promote the fact that, with doodling, there are no mistakes. She gives the kids a few guidelines, shows some examples, puts on some calming celtic harp music, and off they go.  She encourages the kids to go beyond this one lesson/one creation and begin to use doodling as an as an everyday, stress-free tool.  She delivers her powerful message of personal well-being and embracing life in a gentle, fun way.  I highly recommend her as a perfect inspirational speaker

Barbara Mohr, teacher Golden Hill School, Fullerton, CA

Our employees thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on “The Science and Art of Doodling.”  Your time and effort to inform and inspire our employees with a message that we all can benefit from means a great deal to the Washington Mutual Wellness Department

Kristie McWhorter,  Washington Mutual CA Wellness Coordinator

Doodle art is the perfect therapy to de-stress, achieving an island of calm in the midst of apparent chaos, while still maintaining control and awareness

Liz Tipping R.N., Senior Nurse,  St. Mary’s Hospital, Manchester, UK

Your lecture was most informative and insightful and added great value to our event…

Diana Mays R.T.  So. CA Society of Radiation Therapists

Thank you for your extraordinary presentation. Your work is inspirational and extremely valuable, particularly for cancer patients

Sandy Cohn Weiss, Orange County Wellness Community, CA

In our busy culture, Carol’s spiritual and centered and grounded Self is a welcome teacher, using her own story to teach us how we can mange and quiet ourselves when we face anything from simple stress to major crisis.  With a peaceful demeanor and wonderful sense of humor, she shows us how to use her simple, yet profound, “Doodle” tool to not only feel better but to potentially heal our lives at a deep level

Beverly Staley, MFT

Whether you are nine, nineteen, or ninety years old, doodling is fun and exciting

Esther Freed, age 92 (shown with Carol Edmonston)

Very inspiring!  Carol offers a simple tool people can use to keep them in the moment and help relieve stress. Being a passionate advocate of the power of art in the healing process, I am delighted to find another creative vehicle to involve people who do not think they have an artistic bone in their bodies.  Thank you Carol!

Nicky Duirs,Arts
Coordinator Christie Hospital NHS Trust, Manchester, England

Wow! Carol has hit on a simple, effective tool that helps me focus so I can problem solve in a more creative way

Terry Holman, Senior Government Executive

What others are saying:

 “An inspirational and creative way to learn about the connection between mind, body and spirit…”

“A great tool to keep us in the moment…”

“Carol creates a very calm and nurturing space as she connects with her audience…”

“Her inspirational story helped me understand the importance of staying in the moment and how I can creatively learn how to manage stress and anxiety…”

“A clear and focused presentation…”

“I love her workshop!  Even a non-artist can learn, have fun and gain creative insights into life…”

“Carol is able to connect with her audience in a very personal way and encourages their participation…”

“A unique and one-of-a-kind workshop - just like her doodles…”



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