The following workshops are dedicated to the memory of
Syd Hoff
legendary cartoonist, children’s
author of Danny & the Dinosaur and…
my uncle

Doodling is not a meaningless or frivolous activity. Doodling is a great way to reduce stress from day to day challenges.  It’s simple, inexpensive and portable and NO artistic skills are necessary.  All you need is a pen/pencil and paper and the willingness to trust and have faith in the creative process.

“If man insisted always on being serious and never allowed himself a bit of fun,
he would go mad”…. Herodutus

Once Upon A Doodle…
Creative Ways to Help Kids Focus, Reduce Hyperactivity and Discover the Artist Within

In this playful, fun workshop for children ages 7 and up, Carol shares insightful ideas to help children increase attention span and build confidence as they creatively express themselves.  Children will create their personal one-of-a-kind doodles and learn how to use doodling to more effectively deal with specific life situations (nervousness before taking a test, boredom, waiting for food in a restaurant, a family activity with grandparents).

Audience:  Children 7 years and up. 

Recommended Time: 50-60 minutes



The Magic of Doodling…
Creative Ways to Reduce Stress of Everyday Life   

Work related stress is a $30 million industry in the US.  While it is a normal part of life, if not dealt with and managed in a positive way, over time, stress can have a negative effect on ones quality of health and well being.  In this upbeat workshop Carol will discuss how stress effects mind, body and spirit lessening one’s ability to enjoy everyday life.  She will also guide you as you learn how to use Doodle Art in the classroom and appreciate the benefits in incorporating it into your own life.

Audience:Applicable to all groups.  NO artistic skills needed.

Recommended time:   1 ½ hours – 2 hours


From Stressed to Blessed ...

Creative Strategies for Achieving Wellness from Within

Stress has long been identified as one of the top health concerns affecting most everyone from time to time in their lives. It is an unavoidable consequence of life - based on the choices we make. What makes one personal sail through a challenging or chaotic event, while another struggles, depends, in part, upon one's strategy. Without a positive strategy, over time, stress will have a negative effect on mind, body and spirit, which in turn will affect the quality of one's health and well being. Art as a healing tool can help improve the immune system, reduce stress, depression and pain, as it allows one to tap into the inherent healing wisdom that resides within. In this experiential workshop we will explore how the creativity of spontaneous art can weave a connection between mind, body and spirit and enhance your state of well being.

Audience: Applicable to anyone.

No artistic skills necessary.




From Surviving to Thriving…
Cultivating Joy in the Midst of Challenge

How do you cope with the unexpected? Are you thriving or merely surviving?  Crisis and challenge need not mark the end of our lives. If viewed as unique opportunities for growth, expansion and transformation they can serve as a springboard for creating new beginnings. How we choose to navigate through these times can make or break our experiences.

Join Carol in this uplifting, interactive workshop as she guides you up the spiral path from fear to faith weaving ancient wisdom and timeless teachings into the present moment. This unique presentation is sprinkled with her inspirational story about her adventure through breast cancer, creative exercises and the sounds of a celtic harp and bamboo flute.

Audience: Applicable to everyone  






Other Workshops in Development ….

In the Middle, Life Happens…
Connecting with the deeper mysteries of everyday life

Living a Life with Integrity




Create While You Wait™ Program

The Create While You Wait™ is a unique program offering people a fun and creative outlet while they wait for doctor appointments, business meetings, carpools, or any other activities that require waiting. In an effort to lessen any levels of stress and anxiety often associated with everyday life, Create While You Wait™  is as simple as 1,2,3 and offers even the non-artist a simple vehicle to help stayfocused in the “Now” moment while learning to let go of the events from the past or of the unknown future.

This program has been created by Carol Edmonston, a two time breast cancer survivor, who found solace and peace as she was drawn into the designs she was producing while navigating through her own medical journey. The more she ‘doodled’ the more she became immersed in the here and now, transfixed in a timeless present, captured in a quieter inner calm.  She slowly began to realize that the doodles she was designing were also re-designing her Create While You Wait™ was developed for the City of Hope National Cancer Center in Duarte, CA and is also being used at Christie Cancer Hospital in the UK.


For more information about this program and how to incorporate it into your business, school or medical setting call (714) 870-5695 or  email at



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